The company and our history

The Polgár family got from Tura to Fertőszéplak in 1985. In spring 1986 – at that time in Hungary among the very first – as a family enterprise the Mayor’s Restaurant opened its doors. The long forgotten home catering, the tremendous effort and enthusiasm proved to be fruitful. The repute of the kitchen offering a special world of flavour by Mrs József Polgár the "Mama" reached distant places, thus gaining name and class for the hidden restaurant in the suburbs of the village.

"At our place Mama cooks" announced the motto, and we still work with all our strength so that "The best choice would be the Mayor’s Restaurant" even today.

  • In 1995 the guest-are was expanded with a room resembling a winter garden.
  • As of 1996 the private enterprise was turned into an Ltd and the runner’s name changed to Poli- Gaszt Kft.
  • In 1996 building a kitchen complying with today’s requirements was implemented.
  • As of 2000 the retiring Mama was replaced in the kitchen by Csaba Horváth master chef.
  • In 2004 the pension was opened, which awaits the ones wishing to relax with 6 rooms.


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